Profiles of Some of our Great Tutors


My name is Sarah and I qualified as a Secondary school Science teacher in 2009.

I have 13 years teaching experience across all of the 3 Science Disciplines to GCSE level.

I also worked as an Assistant Headteacher for 5 years as a member of the senior leadership team.

I have a Masters degree in Teaching & Learning and a Postgraduate Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I have been tutoring online for a number of years and really enjoy the 121 interaction and approach with students. 

I use Google Drive to share the lesson resources and each lesson provide a range of materials including PowerPoints, worksheets and practice paper exam questions.  I tailor my tutoring sessions to the needs of each student and plan my sessions with regular checkpoints to assess understanding. 


Nirali Patel

I am a Maths Secondary Tutor. I have completed my PGCE in Maths and My Masters from Liverpool University. I have a Maths degree.

I am teaching as a tutor locally. I strongly support the students who are GCSE Resits, GCSE students trying to score a grade above their ability and A level student. I make tailored lesson plans, as I teach around a spectrum of abilities. I have had a record of 100% students above grade 6 at GCSE.

I also teach aspirants of Grammar school too.

Words cannot describe my passion and devotion to teaching.

Experience will be a trademark.






DOB 1978

Qualifications BSc, MSc



I have many years of vast experience as a professional tutor with a high tutoring exam pass rate. The students discuss their expectations from tuition which will help me understand how best to help. As tuition progresses my focus is to determine the areas of strength and weaknesses. This gradually eliminates patterns of thinking which have caused problems in other words I stop the student from repeating the same mistakes, forever! I will be realistic with the student in terms of goal achievement while helping them reach their true potential. You can always expect high quality and standards of teaching at all times. I do require that the student is fully committed and puts in the work and I will also strive to do my best for the student in achieving their learning outcomes and passing exams. I can guarantee you top 'A*' grades no matter where you are!


B.Sc, MSc, PhD

Teaching certificate up to level 4.

I have been teaching / tutoring students at different levels from year 7 to year 13, for the last 25 years.

Maths. Subject from year7 to year 11.

Science Subjects from year7 to year13.

English subject up to year 9. 

This is done at schools and colleges and on a one to one basis.

Capable for catering to students at different levels by applying different teaching strategies.

Capable of creating a welcoming learning environment for all students.

Stimulate students by integrating theories with real situations and related examples.

Sets high expectations for all students and enable students to achieve them.

All my students improved their educational standards and achieved a better grade.


I am a teacher of French and German with more than 20 years’ experience. I can teach French at primary level, GCSE and A level. I teach German at GCSE and A/S. I also teach business French and German or conversational language.  I am patient, friendly with a good sense of humour. I tailor my lesson to the needs and levels of my tutees.

I have been an examiner for Pearson (Edexcel) when they need me. I'm also with the Bolton/Bury exam centre ‘Tutors and Exams’ for external candidates. 




Special Needs Support - all ages.

As a results-driven and committed individual, I aim to understand the needs and requirements of each student. I pay close attention to the method in which the student learns best, work to their strengths but also focus on developing their weaknesses. I give them the opportunity to explore all the possible methods, in order to help them become independent learners. I ensure that my classes are interactive and always demonstrate patience with them.

I recap previous lessons in order to refresh their memory on topics, ensuring that their foundations are strong before moving forward. I focus on memory skills and encourage them constantly even if they make a mistake.

As a strong listener and communicator, I always listen to what the student needs help with and focus on these aspects to ensure their progress.