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30th August 2023

A level chemistry for 1 year up to exams in June 23

Tutor:  Mariana MacDowall

"I did good and got into Uni thankfully. I am doing neuroscience at UCLAN. And I am so excited. I will do an additional year of research to get PhD. Thank you soo much for your help. I got a B in chemistry. Yes I am very proud of it ???? Thanks to you. I am the first one in my mum side to get into uni. So it's definitely one milestone down."

I am more than happy for you to share my feedback towards Mariana. she was AMAZING and a brilliant teacher. I massively thank her for putting soo much effort and helping me out in my subject. She definitely needs the appreciation and recognition for the hard-work she puts in

Thank you very much.  L.N.

27th August 2023

GCSE maths & science up to exams in June 23

Tutor Mariana MacDowall

Results day went well for A she got her predicted grades in maths and science and also got into the courses she chose for college. Thank you for your help and support. Without your help she wouldn't have gotten a grade 5/6 in maths and science

Mr A P

16th August 2023

GCSE science tuition up to the exams in June 23

Tutor:  Wayne Dawson

My son has benefitted from the service received from Mr Dawson.  Excellent!  I would highly recommend him.

Mrs. G. Khan

7th August 2023


Tutor Andrea Jackson

Andrea worked with my son prior to his GCSE English and English Lit. The information and support she provided was excellent. The one-to-one provision had an immediate impact, increasing my son’s confidence and ability to structure his poetry, creative and persuasive writing. He also struggled with the comprehension questions, but Andrea went through these on a regular basis, helping him to understand the detail required for different marks. My son had a good recall of facts but didn’t know how to start, structure responses and what to focus on. The constant practice moved his level of achievement from a 4 to a 6. Andrea was fully invested in my son’s progress, and I am very grateful for her tuition and advice. 

Mrs Lisa M.

2nd August 2023


Tutor Paula Cheung

Hi Denise 
Paula has been brilliant.  Anya has actually moved up a Maths set so really pleased with her progress.  Paula is very easy to be around.
Thinking of asking her to give my son some extra support for GCSE’s 

Cheers Sandra P.
Feel free to pass on my comments 

30th July 2023

GCSE language and literature:

Tutor:  Louise Gough

Louise Gough is a brilliant and dedicated teacher. 

My son wasn’t enjoying English subject prior to starting lessons with Louise. He wasn’t putting efforts up to his potential. So I decided to get help for him for his GCSE year. Louise tutored my son for the academic year 2022-23 and he sat the exams in May/June. 

 With Louises help, I could see that my son not only started improving his grades but also started enjoying the subject. 

Louise used to give him homework and she used to give her feedback on it so he could improve. She made sure my son revised well by providing a lot of practice questions, essay writing practice, comprehension and so on. 

Louise has got detailed knowledge about the subject. She is very friendly, approachable and considerate. I highly recommend Louise as English tutor.

Best regards, Mrs Y.S

20th June 2023

GCSE maths and English tuition.  Tutors:  Michael Armishaw and Adele Dawes

Hi Denise. I wanted to say thank you so much for supplying two brilliant tutors. Their help and support has been fantastic and has given my son the best chance at a passing  grade in maths and English. They are a credit to your company, and I would highly recommend you and them to anyone. Thanks again.  Gareth.

26th March 2023 

KS3 Maths tuition.  Tutor:  Paul Leonard

We are very grateful for all the excellent tuition Paul has given to Callum over the last year. He has learnt a great deal from Paul and enjoyed his lessons.

Thank you.  Kind Regards,  Catherine

4th November 22

English  yr 10. Boy not in mainstream school. Tutor: Jill Pickering

Can I just say I’m blown away by my son’s English work at the moment. 

When he brought home his homework I won’t lie, my heart sank. I thought you had mis-read the type of child he is, the reasons why he can't access school, and you were introducing school systems on to him. 

Queue explosions, rows and drama at the mention of homework. 

I started to brace myself that all the good progress we had made was going to start unravelling by bringing school into the home. 

How wrong I was. Yes, there was a lot of rows to get started, it took him a few days to complete the first paragraph, but he was determined to finish the homework.

So I left him too it. 

When I read the work, I couldn't believe that was my son. My child struggles to put sentences together, either writing or speaking. He’s so far behind in English and has real gaps in his SALT.  I put it to bed that it will ever be a subject he will engage with. 

Turns out I am wrong again; he loves the poems. My boy, liking poems! Never thought i would say that, ever. He’s shown the family his work, they are also really shocked but proud of him too. 

How my son has all those words in his head I’ll never know. But he's clearly got something and been taking more in then he's let on. 

Thank you for that. I’m so incredibly grateful. It’s been a long difficult journey to get this far with the children. It’s wonderful to see them both so engaged in learning at the moment. 

Kind regards, Julie 

October 2022

GCSE maths and science

Jamil tutored my daughter Evie through her final GCSE year. It's such a shame we didn't have him earlier because Evie came on leaps and bounds with his tutoring. My daughter struggles with dyslexia but Jamil did all he could to fill Evie with confidence in her abilities and help her realise the potential she has. Evie never complained about having her lessons with Jamil, in fact she looked forward to them. Jamil was able to engage Evie in subject matters (maths/science) which she found very challenging and even made learning enjoyable.

This is why I have continued with his tutoring for my son, who is now in his first year of GCSE's. My son lacks concentration at the best of times, but Jamil has not found this a problem and has managed to keep him engaged throughout his sessions. Jamil offers regular feedback and will adapt lessons to each individual. I would not hesitate to recommend Jamil!

Many thanks!  Kind regards, Lucy

2nd September 2022

Mariana has been excellent both with helping our eldest with his maths and science and more recently Tom who achieved an A at A level biology. Mariana is reliable, can put a teenage boy at ease and has a very patient manner. I can’t recommend her enough. 

Thanks for your help during the exam years 



25th August 2022

GCSE maths tuition - Tutor Ashwini Pai

I was a high-school student under the tutelage of Ashwini Pai and I have to say that she has been amazing. I am happy to say that got a 7 in maths. I achieved 4 grades in the span of a year and without it, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am. Thank-you and massive thanks to her.

Adrien Masoka

22nd Augusts 2022

A level Maths

Michael has been excellent for Danny, he wouldn’t have made it through without his help.  He is very adaptable and his time keeping is excellent.  I would definitely recommend his services

Thanks Jackie 

30th July 2022

Maths and English tuition for yr 6 boy

Hi, We have had a positive experience with Lesley. She has been professional throughout the tutoring period and helped my son make good progress and we saw an increase in his confidence at both Maths and English.

Thank you,  Saiqa

15th July 2022

A level Biology and History

Safina was excellent, she listened to my son about the subjects he needed to cover and tailored her teaching style to make sure she fitted the maximum amount of information in because exams were imminent.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a Biology teacher.

Joseph is such a knowledgeable and kind man, he went above and beyond with such good grace - he is a great teacher and his love of the subject is obvious and infectious.  I can't thank him enough and my son felt the same way.  I would recommend him without hesitation.

I have to thank Professional Home Tutors as well for providing such a good service, two great tutors just when we needed them, you have been a lifesaver.  Thanks so much. - Becca

10th July 2022

GCSE Maths Tuition - Mariana MacDowall

Mariana is a god send.  She’s amazing - Minesh D.


4 July 2022

Yr 11 boy for GCSE English - Andrea Jackson

Andrea has been really good she managed to help him a lot within a short period of time I would really recommend her to others.

Mr A. S.

3 July 2022

Maths and English tuition, 2 sisters KS1 - Lesley Beddows

My girls had the privilege of having Lesley tutor them and they thoroughly enjoyed their experience.  Lesley made learning fun and we would recommend her to anyone.

 – Mrs R.Kha

30 May 2022

A Level Chemistry Tuition 

Tahir has been a great tutor, teaching my daughter A-level Chemistry. My daughter was very sceptical before her first lesson but came away saying it was interesting and he got her to understand things that her college tutor hadn't managed to. She was much more confident going into her Year 12 exams. Worth every penny!

Mrs Diane N.

21 February 2022

Primary and Entrance Exam Tuition - Tutor Stephen Taylor

Stephen is a very experienced, well-mannered and professional tutor. He has brought about a great improvement in our sons abillities to tackle difficult exam papers. We have already highly recommended Stephen to friends. Many thanks for your hard work.
Mr and Mrs Blyth

5th February 2022

Primary and Entrance Exam Tuition - Tutor Stephen Taylor

Massive thank you to professional home tutors for providing Stephen Taylor who is a great tutor for our son. We have seen our son come on in leaps and bounds with his learning and this is down to Stephen and all the efforts he has put in. Our son cannot only complete the work he once struggled with but also at a must faster pace. Stephen is dedicated in teaching his students and constantly provided us as parents with an update on his learning. We can't thank Stephen enough for all the help and support he has provided for us all and we will definitely recommend him.
Thank you Mr & Mrs Fletcher 

3 October 2021

(yrs 2-5)

Raeesa is a great tutor, she gave us very accurate feedback on our son and we are glad to have her help us. We are impressed with all the tips and information given for my son’s specifics needs. She is always prepared and has a very good knowledge of the national curriculum   currently being taught in primary education.
Feedback is given at the end of the lessons and what goals she is working towards with him.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her she is an excellent tutor.
Kind regards - Mr I.A


16 Aug 21 

 GCSE SCIENCE - Tutor Jonathan Grimshaw

We would definitely recommend Jonathan to others.  Madeline said she felt very at ease with him, she wasn't afraid to ask a question when she didn't understand things.  Jonathan explained things to her very clearly.  

What did stand out for me was that Jonathan never finished as soon as the hour was up, he always made sure Madeline was happy with what they'd done in the last hour and most times the session went over by 10/15 minutes.

Kind regards

Claire R.

Tutor Colin Thornton from 30 May 21

Economics – A level

After finding myself suddenly without a tutor at a critical time, just before assessments were due to start, I was incredibly lucky to find Colin Thornton through Professional Home Tutors. He was positive and helpful from the get-go, nothing was too much hassle and there was a clear plan of action from the beginning. Best of all, he always believed we could achieve what was required in the very short time frame we had. 

Colin’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject made lessons very enjoyable, my confidence increased greatly under his care and I wish I’d found him sooner.

Darcy N.

14th August 2021

GCSE English and Maths.  Tutors: Jill Pickering and Michael Armishaw

Big thank you to Professional Home Tutors for placing my daughter with two of your tutors. I would highly recommend the efficient and professional service offered by Denise, we were so impressed with the whole process.

Denise placed Jill Pickering with my daughter to help with her English GCSE's, and Jill was so professional and friendly, and so inspiring! My daughter had previously shown no interest in reading a book in her life, yet Jill somehow sparked a love of reading and language that translated directly to a fantastic GCSE grade, and my daughter is now looking forward to taking English Language as a A Level at college in September.

I would also highly recommend Mike Armishaw who Denise placed with my daughter to help her with her Maths GCSE. Mike helped build her confidence and understanding of a subject that she had no love of, with patience and professionalism and helped her to achieve a good grade to go towards her requirements for acceptance into college for her A Levels.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jill and Mike!!

Mrs S. Lewis

12th August 2021

A level chemistry

My name is Hamzah and I was fortunate to have tuition lessons with Tahir Parvaiz through professional home tutors.
He was able to tutor me in Chemistry from January 2021 until May 2021. My initial target was an A and I managed to achieve an A* on results day.
This was only due to the efforts of Tahir with his unique and memorable tuition lessons that made it not only easier to understand but to retain all essential aspects to the course. Particular attention was given to how the content would be relayed in an actual exam paper and thus making it easier to comprehend the depth in content for A-Level Chemistry.
Ultimately, this enabled me to secure a place for Medicine at the University of Manchester and for the aforementioned reasons I would highly recommend Tahir to anyone who wishes to succeed at A-Level Chemistry.
Kind regards,

4th July 2021

A level chemistry with assesssment and grading (Tahir Parvaiz)

February-May 2021

My son was a casualty of the COVID A level allocations with no opportunity to complete his chemistry A level course with his original sixth form. During a disappointing gap year mostly in lockdown, Denise at Professional Home Tutors allocated Tahir to him to lead him through the process. He is thoughtful and kind, with a good understanding of the pressures that teenagers at that age are under (particularly during that unusual period). He is fully IT literate and so remote working was a perfect option. He was always punctual, and generous with his time. My son is now feeling confident that he will acquire the required grade to study physics at university this Autumn.
We cannot recommend him highly enough.
Shelley Carter 4.7.21

30th April 2021

A level maths with assessment and grading (Dr Jamil Mohammed)

My son was a casualty of the COVID A level allocations with no opportunity to complete his maths A level course with his original sixth form. During a disappointing gap year mostly in lockdown Jamil arrived via Professional Home Tutors and rekindled my son’s enthusiasm for maths, from more or less a standing start. He has now completed the whole syllabus and is feeling optimistic about achieving the grade he needs to study physics at university. He is kind and understands the pressures that teenagers often find themselves under. He is tech-savvy – perfect for the remote working that was needed during this year. He was always punctual, and generous with his time.
We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Shelley C.

28th February 2021 

Rasida helped my son with sciences for his GCSE.  She was very good, always punctual, and Muhammad always enjoyed his time.  She gave excellent feedback to us in terms of how to continue helping Muhammad and she gave targets and work in preparation for the next tuition lesson.

Kind Regards.  

31st January 2021

Subject:  Independent School Entry

Stephen Taylor has been excellent. We have kept his services going, while schools remain in lockdown.

He has given Megan the confidence to succeed in entry exams, and obtain a full bursary for a leading local school. He has filled in any lockdown gaps and shown Megan techniques enabling her to achieve her full potential.

We are very grateful.

Paul R.

December 2020

Maths for Accountancy Degree  (Dr Jamil Mohammed)

Jamil is an excellent tutor who has exceeded our expectations in ensuring that our son is making good progress.  We are happy with the material covered and with his ability to get the best out of him.  He keeps me in the loop and informed about the lessons. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any other student. -  Mr A. R.

29 November 2020

A Level Biology (Safina Iqbal)

Safina has been great and so helpful in terms of helping me understand A level Biology. She teaches in an informative yet comfortable way that has resulted in Biology now being my favourite subject. I've gone up a whole grade and I couldn't have done it without her.

Thank you,


11 July 20

GCSE English Tuition (Kaye Soulsby)

This woman is amazing.  Had a couple of other tutors in the past but nothing like this great woman.  She helped tutor my year 11 son who has autism.  He usually finds it difficult building relationships with people but she really knew how to get the best from him.  She massively helped to build his confidence and knowledge and improvements were definitely being seen.  He really enjoyed his sessions and was showing good progress.  She’s not only a great tutor but a lovely person and all the family lover her, including our pup.  Will definitely be using Kaye for my other 2 children, wouldn’t go anywhere else.  Highly recommended!!

Louisa D.

29.1.20 Text sent to tutor.

11+ Tuition

Hi Simon.  J. passed the Bury exam!  We got an email today inviting him for an interview on 8th Feb.
He had his Oldham Hulme interview today and it went really well, they said he scored really high on the exam.  So great news all round!!! Definitely!  And thanks again for all your help, it was just what he needed and he improved so much with your support

Mrs Catherine W.

January 2020

GCSE English Language re-sit (Tutor Kaye Soulsby)

Hi Denise

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic Job Kaye has done with my son Jack. Kaye has helped him prepare to re sit his GCSE English language and he has received his results today. Jack has moved from a 4 to a 6!!

Thank you for recommending Kaye

Claire B.

November 2019

Primary (yr 6) maths tuition

Hannah has been really great with Morgan.  She is very approachable and has discussed his needs with us.  She does push him hard and he is working on things with her that he hasn’t covered fully at school which has also helped at school in return.  I have requested homework for him which she has provided each week and when he has struggled with it, she has gone through it with him and stayed at that level and not moved on to the next level with him until she feels he has a better understanding.  I would recommend her as she is patient but pushes him, has a good sense of humour, talks at his level and discusses progress with us.


October 2019

A level chemistry tuition

I have found Jamil to be very likeable, friendly and accommodating. He is flexible and is able to change the session time when needed. He has a good subject knowledge and is willing to help with any college homework in addition to his lesson plans. He brings past papers and revision exercises to go through and gives advice on how to answer exam questions.  - Kind regards Barbara

September 2019

Functional skills for adult

'Hi Denise I have just had my first lesson with Nabila and she is brilliant and such a lovely women I think I am going to learn a lot of her and get to where I need to be - many thanks Steven'

English tuition for adult

'I would certainly recommend Kay she was an excellent tutor, she really helped me to see outside the box and gave some really good advice. I will definitely keep you in mind, if I need extra help, when I hope to do my GCSE's.
Many thanks

August 2019

Tuition for A level English by Felicia Isaacs

Felicia was a fantastic tutor who went above and beyond to help and give the confidence to my child who was doing A’Level English Literature. She was a fountain of knowledge in the subject and would have extra materials to aid her in her studies. She was flexible if we had to change days around or if we needed that extra lesson just before exam time.
Extremely personal who kept in touch with My daughter and I to find out how she had done in her exams.
I would not hesitate to recommend Felicia.

Regards Julie 

August 2019

Tuition for A level chemistry by Tahir Parvaiz

First Class no hesitation in recommending. Parents can contact me direct if they like. Prompt for lessons every week. Erin enjoyed all her lessons. She now has a place at university to study medicine.

Sarah K

August 2019

KS2 tuition for yr 6 boy from Liz McMenamin

Hi Denise,

Liz tutored our son for approximately 7 months.  Over that period she helped to develop his self confidence and the improvement was clear to see in both Maths and English. My son managed to exceed his target Sat grades and we feel that the extra sessions played a vital part in achieving this. We found Liz to be patient, she always had well prepared lesson plans and gave lots of encouragement.  My son actually looked forward to his extra tuition on a Saturday morning!  Liz was reliable, friendly and really easy to get along with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other KS2 parents.

  • Karen D.

August 2019

KS2 English tuition by Rebecca James

Comments received 16.8.19 from client. Rebecca tutored Tom in KS2 English for 1 year up to his SATs in which he performed really well.

‘Excellent relationship with Thomas’

‘Punctual and well organised’

‘Good knowledge’

  • Mr A. Kelly.

June 2019

A Level chemistry

Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the tuition from Tahir Parvaiz. This summer, my daughter Grace, gained a B in A level Chemistry enabling her to go to the university of her choice. Tahir was brilliant, his support and teaching techniques gave Grace the confidence she needed helping her to get through the studying and exams. Tahir was always reliable and very professional. Really pleased we found Professional Home Tutors. 

Thank You so much

Valerie H

April 2019

From one of our tutors.

I have been using  Professional Tutors Agency for the last eighteen months and have been very happy with their service. I get regular well paid work and I know the agency is always there when I need advice or help. The agency is "professional" but also very "user-friendly" and I would recommend this service to anyone thinking of tutoring.

-  Rosemary

 March 2019

Tuition for Entrance Exams (11+)  by Sandra Yardley

Jessica got accepted for a place at Bury Grammar and Hulme. After some careful consideration we chose Bury.
Many thanks for the assistance and can you pass on our gratitude to Sandra - we very much appreciate the effort put in.

Many thanks again.

Matt F.

January 2019

Tuition for A level maths by Paul Leonard

Hi Denise 
I wanted to thank you for the lessons we’ve had, to help my son in maths. Harry has found it helpful and is feeling more confident in the subject. 
Your tutor, Paul Leonard has been very professional, on time and very easy to deal with. He’s helped Harry work through past papers and that’s been really useful. 
If Harry feels he needs more support in a couple of months I will get back in touch. 
My youngest son is preparing for his GCSEs, next year and may need some extra support too. 
Many thanks for your help.  

Regards Elaine 

December 2018

Tuition for English GCSE by Felicia Isaacs


He has got his target grade for GCSE in his mocks and it has had a BIG impact on all of his other written work

He loves her and she is quite tough and doesn’t take any nonsense

HIGHLY recommend her

Mrs B. S

November 2018

Re online tuition 

1. Mrs K, (A level tuition online for granddaughter in Bahrain). We were extremely pleased with the tutors you provided last year. Iman has done extremely well and is now in university in Toronto. 
2. Mrs F.  (A level online tuition for her son).  T. seems to be focused and enjoying his sessions. He has just had a second maths session with Fred, He seems happy with both Fred and Mahima,
I must admit we were sceptical re online/Skype tutorials however it seems to be working and there is no travel time which is good especially considering where we live.

Many thanks Claire

17th November 2018

Tuition for English Language GCSE (resit) by Lisa Gannon

Hello Denise

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you so much for putting us in touch with Lisa last month. Alex has now sat his exams so finished his lessons with Lisa, but I felt the need to email you to say how professional, knowledgeable, accommodating and friendly Lisa was. She is a true credit to your tutor service and we wish Lisa and yourselves all the best for the future. I will also leave a review on the Google Local Ad. 

Many thanks again


January 2019 - update

Alex passed his English Language, achieving a Grade 4.  He is super happy and grateful for all the help.  Sue says Lisa has definitely found her vocation!

7th November 2018

Maths tuition from Yr 7 to GCSE

Ashwini Pai tutored my son for approximately 4 years. In this time Ash was extremely professional and reliable. The results of her tutoring were an increase in my son’s grades from a D to an A. His confidence was increased and his enjoyment for Maths was returned.

Ash is a lovely friendly person but maintains professionalism at all times and willingly set extra work for my son and marked his papers outside of the hour each week that she tutored him. I very much recommend her tutoring.

Regards  Rebecca T.

24th October 2018

From Mrs L. A. 

Her  children have been having tuition for 3 years. Primary, Entrance exam and now KS3

 I would like to thank Denise for all the efforts she made to help me and my children. Her prompt replies made life so much easier. She is always ready to help and find what is suitable and convenient.

Mr Stephen Taylor.

Mr Taylor is a wonderful teacher. He helped my daughter to pass her entrance exam at Bolton school.

He is currently teaching my 9 year old son both Maths and English. I have recommended him to several friends due to his punctuality and great knowledge of the curriculum. Mr Taylor is very flexible and works round the pupil's ability. His tuition took different approaches with my two children depending on their weaknesses and strengths.

I highly recommend him for both Maths and English tuition.

From Ann – former tutor September 2018

You run a very professional service and one that can be recommended with confidence.

A great deal of young people benefit greatly by having access to one to one tuition from a home tutor.  Carry on running your business.  I know how hard it is to recruit quality staff who engage and enjoy adding value outside the classroom environment.

 xx Ann

19 September 2018

Tuition in A level maths, chemistry and biology

Hi Denise

I hope you are well.  I just wanted to thank you for your help in providing me tutors for my son.  He did very well and got 3 Bs and will be going on the weekend to Cardiff University to study Geology

Thanks again, Narinder

August 2018

From mother of yr 11 boy.  English GCSE result.

John got 5 in GCSE Eng Lang exam.  We're delighted and know that if it wasn't for Jenny, he would be re-doing it next year. Many thanks!

14th February 2018

From mother of yr 6 child. Tuition for 11+ Exam

Barbara is an amazing tutor.  I have nothing but positive things to say about her.  From day 1, I felt that Barbara was fully committed and engaged in helping my son realise his full potential in both maths and English.  I am very grateful for all that she has done and would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor (A++).  Thank you Barbara!

Mrs M


9th February 2018

From adult having tuition in English for important test.

"Jenny is a really knowledgeable tutor and concentrates really well on improving my weaker aspects. She is really supportive and optimistic."

Mrs M.B.


13th February 2018

11+ Entrance Exam Tuition for Grammar School.

Hi Denise,

More than happy to provide this reference recommendation for Barbara. Dina is very fond of Barbara! 

My daughter has been working with Barbara since May 2017. Barbara helped her work towards and prepare for two 11 plus entrance exams, which she passed comfortably. Barbara is kind and patient with her, but equally sets expectations in terms of what she expects her to work towards, such as homework to be completed. 

We always have feedback from Barbara at the end of each session, so we know how our daughter is progressing. Additionally, Barbara is punctual & flexible, on occasions we have to rearrange a session at short notice - nothing is to much trouble for her. 

We have been so impressed with Barbara and this is reflected in my daughter now being the top of her class, thus increasing her self-confidence, that Barbara is now working with her on preparing her for the forthcoming SAT's. 

I cannot recommend Barbara enough! 

Please feel free to use this reference as you see fit!

Kind regards,



18 Oct 2017

Subject:  KS2/3 maths 

I approached Professional Home Tutors for a maths tutor for my son at Primary School, in order to stretch him and build on the learning he was doing at school. Vanya has done all of that and more. He has a great, productive relationship with my son, who clearly enjoys the lessons. He is professional and pleasant at all times, and was willing to discuss with us, options for what material he could cover in the lessons, once my son went on to High School. 

Thanks, Kathy


6 Oct 2017

A level Geography student.  Tutored by Kay R.  from March 2016 to exams 2017.

‘I got a C in geography which I was extremely proud about and now I’m at York St John studying Human Geography’.

Grace B.


6 Oct 2017

Email  from mother of  A level geography and business studies student.

Tutored by Kay R. from March 2016 to exams 2017.

Hi Denise

Kay R. was a friendly and professional tutor. She made a difference to Tom' s grades in both subjects. 

I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Thanks Stella P. 

30th Sept 2017

Subject: GCSE Maths

I would firstly like to take this opportunity to thankyou for providing such excellent tutors. Without your help it was nearly impossible to find a tutor. 

In regards to the maths tuition from Ashwini, she was amazing. She guided him throughout offering tips and guidance. She was very patient and very understanding. It did take my brother a few lessons to grasp the concept of algebra but Ashwini was very supporting. She allowed my brother to learn at his own pace and did not hesitate to offer more help and guidance.

I would highly recommend Ashwini to other students. She is truly amazing and is an exceptional tutor. With her help my brother passed his maths GCSE.

Kind regards

S. Tariq


28th July 2017

Subject:  Entrance Exams

I have used this company for all three of my children over the span of 10 years, to prepare them for entrance exams. Each time, with each child the service has been wonderful. The tutors are always very patient and professional. Each child has also succeeded in their exams and were offered a place at the chosen school. I'd recommend this company to any parents who's child either needs a boost of confidence or help in specific areas of education. I am also considering extra tutoring once my daughter starts senior school if she needs it. This is the company I have and will return to for such services. I am highly recommending this company to help parents with what can be a stressful time both child and parents! Hannah was the last tutor that we had for my daughter to enter the exam for September 2017. She's is such a lovely lady, very gentle in her way but somehow and almost magically got the work done! As my daughter was alittle reluctant to have tutoring, Hannah made it painless. Thank you Hannah for making it easier for me as a parent and the work a little more digestible for my daughter. She such a fan of Hannah 

Mrs T.C


13th November 2016

Subject: Maths KS2 for 2 brothers

Very happy with Stephen. He really put the boys at ease and was very good at getting them to sit, listen and enjoy being taught. Not an easy task. Would definitely recommend Stephen to other students. Thank you! 

Mrs K.E.


2nd March 2016

GCSE Maths Tuition

Hello Denise

 I would like to say how pleased we are with John.

He has assisted my older son to achieve GCSE Grade C which is fantastic and is now helping our younger son who is in year 10.

Mr C.P.


7th June 2016

Year 6 Maths Tuition

I am happy for you to share this reference with new clients.

Since January 2016, my son has been receiving maths tuition from Stephen.  Initially, Oliver was very reluctant at the thought of having "extra tuition and homework" and I was a little bit anxious at how the first meeting would go.

However, from the very first session, Oliver warmed to Stephen straight away.  I thought he would dread the Saturday morning sessions, but instead he looked forward to his arrival.  He would actually sit looking out of the window waiting for Stephen to arrive!!

Stephen has been nothing short of a miracle!  My son was really struggling with his maths and his confidence was low.  After a few sessions with Stephen, he would ask me to test his mental arithmetic on car journeys etc...something that would never have happened before!  He has gone up a level in his class and is now achieving the expected level for his age.  His class teachers are amazed at the progress he has made in such a short time.  I can't thank him enough for everything he has done for Oliver and would recommend him to anyone.

Kind regards



12th August 2015

11+ tuition

Cannot thank you enough for all your hard work.  We so much appreciate your kindness and caring nature.  You are so thoughtful.  Thank you once again.

Dr. M.R.


10th August 2015

English KS2  - years 5 & 6

Fantastic service from Michele.  She took time from day 1 to listen to us as parents and get to know J. so that she could tailor the time to help with his tutoring needs.  Very reliable, fantastic interpersonal skills and always constructive use of time.  J. is off to high school but still wants to continue with lessons!!

L. T. 

7th May 2015

KS2 literacy and numeracy.

Hi Denise,

Firstly, I'd just like to say how fantastic Mary has been! She has been so great for my son and he has thoroughly enjoyed the tutorials with Mary. She has the right mix of patience/understanding/humour and you can tell she genuinely cares about his progress and about what is going on in his life. We have been very impressed with Mary.

Thanks again and I won't hesitate to recommend your business.

Kind regards


1st July 2014

Hi Denise.

Please add the testimonial to your website for Liz

'When my daughter went in to year 5, she needed a bit of extra help to boost her confidence with literacy and numeracy.

I approached the home tutors agency and they put me in contact with Liz. My daughter connected quickly with Liz, and she has tutored her for the last 2 years, preparing her for her SATS. Liz is a friendly lady, and built an instant rapport with my daughter. She knows what to teach and how to get it across in a way that doesn't intimidate. I would highly recommend Liz as a Key stage 2 tutor'


Zoe M.


10th February 2014

Maths tuition for yr 3

We are more than happy to recommend Bethan. She was a great tutor for our daughter, and it is only because we are now moving house that we have ended the extra tuition.

Bethan instilled in our daughter a new-found confidence in numbers. She now embraces number problems with relish, which is a result of Bethan's positive attitude and consistent praise. Our daughter's own level of understanding of maths, and her confidence, has increased and this is wholly down to Bethan's input. As I say, on the one hand the downside of us moving house is that regrettably we were unable to continue with the tuition


Ian & Alison

23rd January 2014

Tutor:  Mariana

(18 months tuition in Maths and Physics GCSE)

Mariana was a fantastic tutor who had excellent knowledge of Maths and Science.  Chloe instantly liked her and felt very comfortable with her.  She was very approachable and her lessons were organised but tailored to Chloe's needs at all times.  Mariana was flexible around holidays and nothing was too much trouble.

I would like to thank Professional Home Tutors for putting us in touch with Mariana as she gave Chloe the confidence and ability to enable her to get her GCSE grades she deserved.

Mrs. R.

27th January 2014

English Tuition for KS2 boy.

Lovely, knowledgeable lady.  My son really took to her.  Michele was very understanding of Tom's situation and very patient.

Mrs J.


24th September 2013

Tutor.... Susan E.

A level Biology - about 8 month's tuition

Sue was extremely professional.  Right from the start she focused immediately on Jake's weak areas and addressed them.  Her level of commitment and punctuality are beyond question.  She pitched all the tuition at just the right level for Jake.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to other clients.

Mrs P.


21st August 2012

Tutor….  Samantha D.

(15 months’ entrance exam  tuition for 9/10 yr old girl)

Sam was an experienced tutor having a deep knowledge and understanding of the requirements of obtaining a place in Bolton School.  She has a good demeanour and my daughter benefitted greatly from the manner in which Sam taught her.

Mrs. S.


2nd September 2012

Tutor: Kay R.

(8-10 weeks GCSE English tuition for yr 11 boy)

Kay was an absolute Godsend.  Her knowledge of English and English Lit. was second to none.  She inspired Bradley and, with her ability and knowledge, gave him so much confidence to believe in himself and to do well in English – something his teachers at school hadn’t manage to achieve in 5 years!

Mrs. J.


17th August 2012

Tutor..... Stephen H.

(A level chemistry tuition for 17 yr old girl, from September 2011 to June 2012)

Mr. H. Was an excellent tutor for our daughter.  He is very knowledgeable in the area, has several years of teaching experience and has a vast range of resources.  Without his help and tutoring, our daughter may not have achieved the grade she achieved.  He was always punctual and very organised.

Mrs. M.


16th August 2012

Tutor...  Zaheer A. & Tahir P.

(3 months’ A2 biology and chemistry tuition)

Just wanted to say thanks for the Biology and Chemistry tutors that you provided.

My daughter has already spoken to Zaheer (Biology) to thank him as she somehow managed to get an A*! She is so happy about it that I can't even begin to put it into words! She was on a mid B after AS (despite a lot of hard work) so to turn that into an A* is just incredible. Suffice to say that it wouldn't have happened without Zaheer and we will be eternally grateful for the work that he did with her.

She also secured the A that she needed in Chemistry. Again, I don't think that this would have happened without Tahir and he also deserves a massive pat on the back!

All in all this means that she has got the grades that she needs to pursue her chosen career - which was looking highly dubious 6 months ago. I am so glad that I contacted you and will strongly recommend you to anyone who needs it.

Thanks again,

Mr B.


September 2012

Tutor:  Mariana M.

(6 months' maths tuition for 12 yr old girl)

Hannah moved up from Grade 4 to Grade 5a since her tuition lessons with Mariana.  Hannah relates to Mariana and enjoys the lessons.

Mrs. M.


29th August 2012

Tutor......Karen O’

(One, sometimes 2 lessons per week for 2 months prior to the GCSE English exam, for yr 11 girl, aged 15.)

Karen’s subject knowledge was excellent – very in depth.  Katie had got a D in the mocks in English lit. (target A*) and it seemed it was her exam technique and confidence that were in the most need.  Karen gently steered her in the right direction.  She was always on time and got on instantly with Katie and was able to get the best out of her.  Once the lesson began, Karen’s enthusiasm was infectious and they often worked for longer than the hour.

Mrs. J. B.

Katie achieved her A* at GCSE.


5th September 2011 (Email to tutor)

Message Subject = English GCSE

Comments = Dear Darren,

Hi how are you hope you are fine. Just emailing you to let you know that I have passed English with a c grade & will be enrolling at Salford uni.

We would like to thank you for help and support you have given me during my tuition. Hope to see you in the future, once again a very big thank you.



15th September 2010

Hello Denise

I would like to convey my thanks to you for expediting the contact of two super tutors for my son.

Andrew  is signed up for maths and Peter B  came tonight to meet us and started to tutor my son in English.

I am really hopeful for good progress in the coming months  and my son gets along with them. So watch this space, I will let you know about my son's success, as hes hoping to do motoring /engineering skills.

Both tutors speak highly about you.

Much appreciated S.


12th October 2010

Tutor:  Rachel

OUTSTANDING! My son went from a D grade to 3 marks away from an A.  He achieved a B in his GCSE German

Mrs. I.